ECS offers complete service for Archimedes screw pumps

ECS Engineering Services has announced greater UK coverage and support for the supply, installation and maintenance of Archimedes screw pumps. ECS has a long history and expertise in designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining water control structures and machinery, all of which are enhanced by its exclusive partnership with Landustrie, a leading manufacturer of Archimedes screw pumps and hydro-generators. The combined capabilities of ECS and Landustrie deliver a complete package which can be customised to suit the individual requirements of each customer.

Archimedes screw pumps are particularly effective at moving large quantities of water and slurry over short distances with very high efficiency; they can also be run in reverse to generate energy. This efficiency and versatility means the technology is in demand from a far more cost and energy conscious marketplace.

With over 20 years of experience working with utilities and the Environment Agency, ECS has a proven track record of delivering engineering solutions to a very high standard, with the capability and resources to design and install bespoke equipment anywhere in the UK. The appointment also includes the service and repair of all legacy Landustrie screw pump equipment including the original Jones & Attwood produced Archimedes screws, which is supported by a network of factory trained ECS engineers, on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Landustrie continues to develop the basic Archimedean screw pump principle with new drive techniques and improved moulding of the concrete trough as well as producing the most reliable lower bearing available. When combined with a professional installation and maintenance team, the improvements in overall running efficiency and maintenance costs can be easily demonstrated.

For those looking to design a new installation or install a replacement screw, experience and design innovation are required to ensure that the most effective solution is implemented. Every screw pump installation is different, requiring engineering expertise to deliver the most efficient and reliable solution. Working with Landustrie allows ECS to offer a bespoke design and build service which is supported by field engineers across the country.

Overhaul, service and maintenance operations for screw pump installations such as trough repairs and bearing replacements can transform the reliability and energy efficiency of a screw pump, so it is always worth an expert taking a look at an existing installation, as the ROI on repair work is far quicker than a complete re-build.

The ECS Water Control Division and its team of field service engineers can now offer a full turnkey installation, through to maintenance and repair services to all Archimedes screw pump installations from any manufacturer across the UK.

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