Bürkert press day at Triembach-Au-Val provides international press with an insight into two revolutionary new products

Bürkert chose to launch its revolutionary new FLOWave flow sensor, and its innovative new water sampling and analysis system – at the company’s factory in picturesque Triembach-au-Val, in the Alsace region of France.

Prominent journalists and editors from across Europe were invited to stay in historic Strasbourg the night before.

They were treated to a moonlit tour of the old town, and dinner at the famous Kammerzell, which has been serving guests for a staggering 487 years.

By contrast, the press conference was held the following day at the ultra-modern Bürkert Fluid Control Systems French headquarters in Triembach-au-Val.

Established in the Vosges mountains, the facility is a competence centre for industrial sensors and focuses on the development and production of sensors for: flow, pH, conductivity, level, turbidity, pressure and temperature measurement.

The presentations included an insight into the business globally; it’s philosophy of investment in technology, and its continuing financial independence – delivered by company CEO Heribert Rohrbeck.

Visitors learned that research and development is a central pillar of the company’s structure, with between 7 and 10% of annual turnover invested in R&D.

This results in an innovation led company, one that continues to bring ‘game-changing’ technology to the market.

The engineering department alone has 38 employees focused on optimisation of the company’s portfolio and the development of new products.

The first of the new products to be introduced was the type 8098 FLOWave, a compact and lightweight solution for liquid flow measurement.

This product uses Surface Acoustic Wave technology for the first time in a commercial production flowmeter product. It provides extremely accurate flow measurement without the major cost or practicality disadvantages of alternatives that employ magnetic or Coriolis sensing technology.

The second new product introduced by the technical experts was the 8905 Online Analysis System, an innovative water analysis panel that provides for several functions such as; Ph measurement, turbidity, chlorine and ORP using smart hot-swap sensor cubes that can be plugged in and calibrated in a matter of seconds.

The large ‘clean-room’ areas of the site are used both for R&D and for production.

Production itself is inclusive of machining metal parts, injection moulding plastics and polymers and manufacturing robust micro-chips designed specifically for use in sensors.

Production is kept extremely flexible with close to 20,000 product lines all manufactured on a live batch production process, which changes hourly, and is driven by customer demand.

Product presentations were followed by a tour of the plant, where visitors met employees and the autonomous robots that are used to deliver components and move products around the production floor.

Thanks to everyone involved in what was a very successful trip, especially the visitors for taking the time to learn more about Bürkert, and all the staff that made the day possible.

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