Our Film Studios – Full HD studio

Europa Building side angle image

Green screen in film studio

The highly versatile film studios at MaintainIT.tv can be used for multitude of different situations.

MaintainIT.TV film studios offers total flexibility.  With a large dedicated studio space we are able to create a simple interview environment, presentation stage, live effects, green screen and many other set-ups as you would expect from a full HD studio with an editing suite – newly installed in 2013. 

We have worked with big named clients in the industrial sector, with the likes of Mitsubishi, Altra, Bürkert, ECS and Sulzer. This has taken us to a variety of different locations, from Power Plants and factories to Scottish Highlands and Mines, all with their own unique challenges.

Interested in having high quality videos? Our film crews can record footage for you onsite with a green screen backdrop, apply CG effects and have your footage uploaded to the web almost instantaneously. Along with our versatile film studio, we have the latest technology available to deliver high quality content efficiently, getting it onto the web and generating views in no time.

Maintain IT.TV green screen and lighting equipment image

Working for a diverse portfolio of clients, MaintainIT.tv has a large pool of resources at their disposal, such as:– 

  • A studio space for filming your own projects.
  • A fully manned edit suite.
  • High quality sound editing.
  • Full HD cameras.
  • Specialist lighting.
  • Knowledgeable director.


We also offer post production work, streaming for the internet, video hosting, upload & marketing and promotional support should you require it.