DMA Europa visits Gordon Murray Design

The T.25 concept car from McLaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray, has enjoyed a lot of publicity as it demonstrates the new iStream manufacturing philosophy that the company claims will revolutionise the method by which cars are manufactured. DMA Europa was granted access to the facility in order to interview Engineering Director, Frank Coppuck, about the role that client company, the Klarius Group, played in the supply of key suspension components.

DMA was quick to see the PR potential of associating British car parts manufacturer, Klarius Group, with the latest offering from one of Britain’s most celebrated automotive engineers. The Klarius Group had recently bought the struggling Quinton Hazell brand and brought it back to life through the expert use of lean manufacturing. It was this lean manufacturing process of OE quality parts that made QH products the perfect partner for Gordon Murray Design, which needed specialised components on a short run.

In an exciting visit to the Gordon Murray Design facility, the DMA team was granted access to film and photograph the prototype T.25 car while interviewing Frank Coppuck about the role that the QH components played in the development and eventual fruition of Gordon Murray’s latest vision. The result was a technical release that was sent to a number of targeted magazines, supported by striking images of the car and a filmed interview with Frank.

Tiffany Hutt, Head of Communications for Gordon Murray Design, comments: “Having received clear communications of intent from DMA we had no problems organising a visit and ensuring that all relevant equipment was available for filming. The visit ran extremely smoothly with clear instructions to guide Frank through the interview and an obvious knowledge and genuine interest in what we are trying to achieve here. We are extremely happy with the results that DMA produced and had no issues when it came to signing material off for release.”